Miradas sobre el «Quijote» en el teatro

Edition by María Fernández Ferreiro, Iole Scamuzzi and Agapita Jurado Santos


Miradas sobre el «Quijote» en el teatro

The essays collected in this volume put philological studies into dialogue with the creative imagination of playwrights and theatre directors to highlight the potential of Don Quixote in the theatre, whose myth is capable of questioning recipients and audiences throughout Europe in different and enriching ways.

The origin of these studies has been the project “Q.THEATRE. Theatrical Recreations of Don Quixote in Europe”, co-financed by the Creative Europe Programme of the European Union, and the two seminars held within its context, in Florence and Turin, in 2019.

The aim of the project is to reflect, both academically and creatively, on the rewriting of Don Quixote in European theatre, which is clearly shown in the studies collected in this volume. The works are organised into three sections to facilitate the reader’s journey: first, the borderline, which allows the reader to explore the polyphony of Don Quixote, the work, and of don Quixote, the character. Second, the ideological, within which don Quixote functions as a symbol, or rather as a metonymy for the ideologies within which the readers, with their circumstances, have come to recognize themselves.  And finally, but as a basis for all the above, the section dedicated to the search for and news of the texts that philologists bring back to the attention of the public, and artists create for both enjoyment and research, as can be deduced from the compilation of texts that the reader has in his hand.


You can consult the table of contents of the work HERE, or visit the website of the Società Editrice Fiorentina dedicated to the collection “Recreaciones quijotescas en Europa“.