Third seminar in Florence (Italy)

Between March 20 and 22 2019, the third seminar of the Q. THEATRE project took place in Florence (Italy). The first day, Wednesday, was reserved for the partners meeting, and the premiere of Sancio Panza governatore dell’isola Barattaria by the Teatro d’Almaviva in the Saloncino de la Pergola.


On Thursday, the communications of the participants in the seminar took place. José Manuel Martín Morán (Università degli Studi del Piemonte Orientale and president of the Asociación de Cervantistas) moderated the first session, in which María José Álvarez Faedo (Universidad de Oviedo), Aaron M. Kahn (University of Sussex), and Luca Baratta ( Università degli Studi di Firenze) commented on several recreations of Don Quixote in the English theatre.

Afterwards, Maria Fernanda de Abreu (FCSH Universidade Nova de Lisboa) commented on a quixotic recreation in Portugal, and Emilio Martínez Mata (Universidad de Oviedo) gave news of an unknown theatrical recreation of the Cervantine novel in England.

The afternoon was inaugurated with the representation of Dulcinea and il cuoco by the university theatre company Binario di Scambio.


Guillermo Carrascón (Università degli Studi di Torino) moderated the following session. In it, Emmanuel Marigno (Université de Lyon – Saint-Étienne) spoke about the use of screens in the French quixotic theatre, María Fernández Ferreiro (Universidad de Oviedo) reviewed a play based on Don Quixote in clown code, and Stefania Di Carlo (Università degli Studi di Torino) analyzed Don Chisciotte by Carmelo Bene.

To end the day, the participants of the seminar had the opportunity to attend a meeting with the public of the actors that would premiere that same afternoon Don Chisciotte at the Teatro della Pergola directed by Alessio Boni.








On the last day, Friday, the publishing collection Recreaciones Quijotescas en Europa (Società Editrice Fiorentina ) was presented. This collection is born under the umbrella of the Q.THEATRE project and aims to disseminate and publicize various rewrites of the Cervantine novel in all European countries.

Then, the students of German language of the FORLILPSI Department, directed by Christiane Büechel, made a dramatized reading of the German translation of Sancio Panza governatore dell’isola Barattaria.









To close the seminar, a round table was held, composed by Donatella Pini (Università degli Studi di Padova), José Manuel Martín Morán (Università degli Studi del Piemonte Orientale and president of the Asociación de Cervantistas), Laura Riccò (Università degli Studi di Firenze ), Duccio Barlucchi (Teatro d’Almaviva company), Stefania Stefanin (Binario di Scambio company), María Fernández Ferreiro (University of Oviedo) and Agapita Jurado Santos (Università degli Studi di Firenze). The theatrical features of Don Quixote, the experiences of its staging and the theatrical activities that the Q. THEATRE project has been doing were discussed at the round table.








Check the full programme (in Spanish) HERE.

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